What is Mining Electronic Currency?

What is Mining Electronic Currency? 

What is Mining Electronic Currency?

Electronic currency mining project... The term mining appeared in the ancient golden age, where the basis of society in the past was the process of mining and extracting gold and precious metals from the earth. Over time, the mining and exploration process has evolved from an individual enterprise that relies only on individuals to a professional international company that uses the latest equipment and technology for mining and exploration operations.

With the advent of the era of the Internet and technology, electronic money appeared, because Bitcoin is the highest and most valuable electronic currency.

Like any precious currency, Bitcoin and other digital currencies have gone through all the stages that any coin or metal has gone through.


1 Electronic currency mining project
2 Method of mining electronic currencies
3 steps to mining bitcoin

Electronic currency mining project

The mining process is not named by this name solely because of the purpose of obtaining the coin.

But because the process of obtaining and withdrawing cryptocurrency is a very long and time-consuming process.

Not only does it take a lot of time, but it also requires computers with excellent features.

So that it can function normally for a long period of time, which may take the entire working day without any intervention.

The process of cryptocurrency mining depends entirely on the device's CPU and the ability to correctly solve mathematical equations in the fastest time.

Until miners discover that graphics cards can be used to mine the coin.

Because they, in turn, can be faster.

These operations are performed in a real way, but the only special drawback is that when using these cards.

It consumes a lot of electricity, which may be enough to light the entire three houses.

Thus generating extremely high heat.

Of course, these cards have been gradually discontinued, and new products have been launched to help mine cryptocurrencies easier, faster, and more abundantly.

 How to mine electronic currencies

The first step is to get an cryptocurrency mining rig.

There are several types of bitcoin mining equipment, including what is a USB key or a small device attached to a computer.

And this is in the case of obtaining a small amount of coins.

However, if you want to delve into the field of cryptocurrency mining professionally and quickly.

All you have to do is use the Antminer S9.

Compared to all the current mining equipment, this equipment is the best at present, with a capacity of 13.5 TH/s.

In addition, in terms of bitcoin exploration and mining, the equipment has recently made very important advances in terms of power and speed.

The highest intensity level for another version of the same type is recorded as 14th/sec.

Bitcoin mining steps

 The second step is to get a bitcoin wallet.

Just like other currencies, Bitcoin also requires a wallet to be safely stored in it.

In fact, this wallet will help you to do all the transactions of buying, transferring, selling, exchanging, trading, mining and cryptocurrency mining.

The Bitcoin website offers many types of wallets.

And if some of its sub-specifications are different, it has nothing to do with each investor's personal preferences.

Some of which enable you to change your address weekly and other features.

The third step is to find the so-called mining pool.

Or a mining pool which is a virtual place on the entire internet.

Where mining takes place according to the work and capabilities of computers to obtain bitcoins with the lowest energy consumption and as quickly as possible.

Then they depend on the electronic coins that were created to allocate everyone's efforts.

Of course, there are many advantages that make joining a mining pool better than mining alone.

The mining pool has a higher chance of solving blocks, winning rewards and earning bitcoins.

Therefore, from a practical and theoretical point of view, even if the amount paid is small compared to the reward for mining the full block (currently 25 bitcoins), joining a mining pool will generate a steady stream of bitcoin revenue.

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