What Are The Criteria Of Evaluation Books?

What Are The Criteria Of Evaluation Books?

What Are The Criteria Of Evaluation Books?
E-book evaluation criteria

An ebook is an electronic file containing text, images, and possibly multimedia clippings, that is computer generated and published.

E-books are read through personal computers, or through electronic devices designated for reading them known as e-book readers, and mobile phones and laptop computers may be used for this purpose.


Electronic books have many uses in the educational sectors, and attention is currently focused on expanding their use and dissemination, to replace traditional educational books.

Hence the importance of having criteria for selecting these e-books to be used for educational and mobile learning purposes. There are many criteria by which an e-book can be evaluated, with the aim of judging its quality.

This selected list includes information about the book. It includes evaluation elements that include technical standards, ease and flexibility of use, and good book page design. It also includes educational standards that include:

@. display educational goals,
@. tools for guidance or direction,
@. and search tools, the validity and relevance of the content,
@. methods of suspense and motivation,
@. and external resource tools.

What Are The Criteria Of Evaluation Books?
What Are The Criteria Of Evaluation Books?

Good page design                      exist                          nothing

1. The graphics, pictures and lines should be clear.
2. Easy to read displayed texts.
3. Display information on the page in a clear and orderly manner.
4. Allows the user to control the display of information on the page.
5. Allow marking to mark where the reader left off.
6. Allow marking of important parts of the text.
7. Allowing lines to be placed on open pages at the time of reading.
8. Allow to write private comments and notes.
9. The book should contain the means of retraction and tracking.
10. The possibility of zooming in and out of the page.
11. Possibility to change the display format.
12. Presence of super links and navigation.
13. There are links within the page.
14. It is allowed to exit the book and return to the contents of the book at any moment.
15. It allows to control the volume and its level.
16. It allows controlling the display of video footage.
17. The presence of interactive footnotes.
18. The book contains page numbers.
19. The book has an interesting cover.
20. The cover should be one page.

Third: educational standards                   exist          nothing

1. To be clear and understandable to the student.
2. To be formulated in a manner that makes the student feel the benefit and importance of the book to him.
3. The objectives should clarify the purpose of the book.

Tools for guidance or direction          exist          nothing

1. List of contents and current titles.
2. Brief title of the book at the top of the pages.
3. A number of pages can be skipped to reach a specific page.

Search tools                                        exist        nothing

1. Methods of searching for specific topics within the book using keywords.
2. List of contents.
3. It contains different search methods.

The correctness and appropriateness of the content  exist        nothing

1. Content accuracy and scientific integrity.
2. Design graphics and shapes well and appropriate to the content.
3. Display content in a logical sequence.
4. Ethically appropriate content.

 Suspense and motivation methods       exist    nothing

1. Use of images, animations, video clips, colors and sound effects.
2. The book contains a summary of the book.
3.The book contains an overview of the author of the book.
4. The book contains a glossary of terms.

External sourcing tools                     exist    nothing

1. The ability to print or send a copy of the book to a friend
2. Tell a friend of the book's location.
3. Register for visitors.
4. Dictionaries exist.

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