The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

 The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

In the creation of the earth and its beauty, there is a great sign indicating that God Almighty is capable of everything, and among the most beautiful things that exist on earth are the beautiful forests and their role in stabilizing life on earth.

Where forests are one of the most important renewable natural resources, they play an important role in raising the level of biodiversity, contain most of the genetic assets of plants, and are considered the main source of wood and many other materials, and they represent what is known as the lungs of the earth, as it plays its vital role of absorbing second Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere.

In our article today on the Moheet website, we will inform you about the best and most beautiful forests in the world and their location on Earth.

The best and most beautiful forests in the world

Visiting the most famous forests in the world is a hobby for some in order to explore the creativity and creation of God Almighty, and on the other hand, it is a favorite place for adventure enthusiasts and camping in the forests. The most beautiful forests in the world are:

The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

The “Bamboo Forest” is located in the western suburbs of the Japanese city of “Tokyo”, in the “Arashiyama” tourist area, which was for many ages a favorite place for the Japanese nobles before it became a prominent tourist attraction to which tourists from all parts of the world go to enjoy the long walkway that extends over A distance of 16 kilometers, with tall bamboo trees on its sides, where the cool breeze and the wonderful atmosphere.

These trees are distinguished by their durability and length, as some of them reach a height of more than 37 meters and a diameter of 30 cm. The Japanese use them to build traditional dwellings, make mats, or package products such as cups and cans.

Sequoia Monument Forest - USA

The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

The “Sequoia Monument” forest, located south of the “Sierra Nevada” mountains, occupies a privileged location in California, United States of America, because it contains the largest tree in the world, which is the giant “Sequoia” tree, some of which are 88 meters high and have an estimated diameter of more than nine meters. Sequoias have been there for nearly 3,500 years. The sequoia tree was spread over a large area in the northern hemisphere, but it is now considered among the plant organisms classified in the Red List of Endangered Species, as only 70 trees remain in the world.

Black Forest - Germany

The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

The "Black Forest" is located in the state of "W├╝rttemberg" in southwestern Germany and directly overlooks the "Rhine Valley". This forest is famous for its paths that entice its visitors to walk for long hours between its charming lakes and amazing waterfalls, with a drop of 163 meters. Among the most important walking paths is the “West Trail” promenade, which extends 285 km, from “Forzheim” to “Basel”, and includes many shops and small restaurants that offer some local food and drinks.

Crooked Forest - Poland

The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

The shape of the “twisted forest” has baffled many people for many years due to its strange shape, as some believe that there is an intervention to make this forest look in its current form, while others assume that it has undergone some distortion, but no one knows the scientific reason behind this natural phenomenon. .

The “twisted forests” are considered one of the most famous forests in Poland, which are located on the outskirts of the “No Charnovo” region, adjacent to the town of “Gryfino” in the province of Western “Pomerania”. The forest includes about 400 pine trees, all of which were planted in 1930 on an area of ​​1.7 hectares. It is distinguished by its remarkable shape, as the trees rise 40 centimeters above ground level, and their trunks bend at about 90 degrees north, then bend again and straighten to rise between 7 and 23 centimeters.

Amazon forest - Brazil

The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

The “Amazon” region includes the largest tropical rainforest in the world, and its parts extend over nine countries, but it is centered in Brazil, with an area of ​​​​six million nine hundred thousand kilometers, or nearly forty percent of the South American continent. This forest includes a large number of trees, numbering three hundred and ninety billion trees, more than forty thousand species of plants, and nearly three thousand species of fruits. Biologists estimate the existence of this ecosystem, which varies between savanna trees and swamps, to more than fifty-five million years.

Belgrade Forest - Turkey

The Most Beautiful Forests in The World

The “Belgrade” forests in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, are among the most important forests in the region, as the “Belgrade” forests cover an area of ​​5,300 hectares, and contain seven lakes and ancient dams dating back to the Ottoman era, in addition to several types of plants and animals. This forest is connected to the city through multiple bridges, and 700,000 square meters and places for practicing various sports and cycling, as well as food shops, have been prepared for forest visitors to enjoy this wonderful area.

There are many forests that God Almighty excelled in creating. We hope that we have succeeded in presenting the best and most beautiful forests in the world. We meet on other useful topics. 

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