Most Prestigious Areas of Alexandria in 2023

 The Most Prestigious Areas of Alexandria in 2023

The Most Prestigious Areas of Alexandria in 2023

The city of Alexandria is full of the most prestigious areas, as it is a city of Greek origin, and it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where it was the capital of Egypt in the past, as it is called the bride of the Mediterranean.

Where there are the finest areas such as: Alexandria Lighthouse, and the city also contains many picturesque landscapes, and we will mention the finest areas of Alexandria during this article.

About the city

This city is considered a Greek city built by the Greeks by order of Alexander the Great, who named the city after his name, as the city was established in 332 BC, after Alexander wanted to bring the two villages of Rakos and Rakoda closer.

And they were linked by filling in the coastal area that links these two villages, and it was said in one of the narrations that Alexander wanted to establish a city bearing his name and be his capital in Egypt.

However, this narrative is not favored by many, because Alexander the Great used to rule the city of Greece, so how could the capital be in Cairo, and it would be so far from the ruling state.

Despite all these stories that are told, but Alexander did not have a real opportunity to see this wonderful city in reality, he saw the city on a coin and showed it to the person responsible for making coins.

Location of the city of Alexandria

This city is characterized by its very privileged location, as this city is located in the west of the city of the Arab Republic of Egypt, as it is considered one of the cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore it is considered a very important sea port in the commercial field.

Characteristic climate of the city

In addition to the archaeological sites that exist within this picturesque city, this wonderful city enjoys a distinct climate, which is one of the most important reasons for many people to visit it often.

Where the climate of this city is distinguished by its moderation in all seasons of the year, as the climate in the summer season is not very hot, and in the winter it is not very cold, but it is somewhat warm during the day and the weather temperature decreases at night.

Where the rain falls heavily in the winter season, but at intermittent times, and in general the nature of the climate in this city helps visitors to visit the most prestigious areas of Alexandria, not at a certain time of the year, but throughout the days of the year.

architecture of this city

The urban form of this city is very distinctive and different from any Egyptian city, and it is not similar to any other city, so we find that the city was designed to resemble a chessboard, and this design is the method used in Greek architecture.

The finest areas of Alexandria

This distinctive city contains many ancient archaeological sites, as it is considered one of the archaeological areas inside Egypt. It is also characterized by the fact that it contains several prestigious places. Some of these areas can be mentioned in several points from the newest to the oldest. The city can be divided into several sections, as follows:

@. The largest area is the Al-Montazah area, where the number of residents is approximately one million two hundred thousand people, followed in the second place by the eastern neighborhood, as the number of residents in this area is approximately one million people, according to recent statistics.

@. The eastern neighborhood contains many high-end areas such as Smouha and Zizinia, and the famous Alexandria city canal is also found in this area.

@. The middle neighborhood comes in third place with about half a million residents, and there are many vital areas such as the buildings of the foreign consulate and other places.

@. In the last place comes the western neighborhood, the number of its residents is about 400 thousand people, and this region contains the great port of Alexandria.

@. The city contains hotels of great magnificence and beauty, especially those overlooking the coast, such as the well-known Four Seasons Hotel.

@. And the famous Mercure Hotel, which is located in the Raml station, and this hotel is characterized by its presence in a location full of archaeological sites and tourist attractions.

Archaeological areas within the city:

After getting acquainted with the most prestigious areas of modern Alexandria, the turn comes to the archaeological areas inside the city, including the column of the masts and the Citadel of Qaytbay. It also includes the Roman theater with its distinctive design and the purpose of splendor, art and beauty.

This city also contains the oldest, oldest, and largest library, which is the world-famous Library of Alexandria. This library is considered one of the most vital areas within the city and many visitors flock to it.

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