How to Buy The Ripple Digital Currency

 How to Buy The Ripple Digital Currency

How to Buy The Ripple Digital Currency

How to buy Ripple digital currency, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and it is a virtual currency that was created with the technological development that the world is currently witnessing, with the aim of completing transactions on the Internet successfully and safely.

It is known about cryptocurrencies that when dealing with them, a person must first have a digital wallet. This type of wallets role is to make it possible to send and receive those currencies easily. So, before talking about how to buy the digital currency Ripple, it must be mentioned before that the method of owning a digital wallet for trading that currency. You just have to follow up.

How to create a digital wallet for buying and selling Ripple digital currency

 The (Rippex) wallet is the best type of digital wallet for dealing in that currency, and you can easily download it to your own device. The wallet is opened

By following these steps:

*. After downloading and opening the wallet, the app will ask you to sign in.

*. Go to open a new wallet of your own by clicking on the option (Create new account). Then add some of your information, which the app will ask you for.

*. The application will tell you to select a specific location on your device, in order to be designated to save the file for the new wallet. But getting to this place should be easy for you, and difficult for others.

*. Sometimes, a glitch may occur in your device, which leads to the loss of the new wallet file. So you must take a copy of this file, then put it and store it on an external storage disk, whether it is a USB, or a hard disk.

*. Next, the new wallet will ask you to encrypt this file, so type in a password that will be easy for you, but very difficult for everyone else. Then click on the (encrypt account) option.

*. The application will then ask you to enter some information about your new account that you are creating, and then the wallet address. Noting that the password should be kept, and not disclosed to anyone.

After that, you will have already been able to create your own digital wallet for buying and selling the Ripple digital currency.

How to buy currency by Visa Card, or Master Card

The (Changelly) platform is one of the best and most suitable options when searching for an electronic platform used to buy Ripple digital currency using a Visa or Master Card.

Follow the following steps:

*. Log in to the platform, then log in, or register a new account. You can also link your account on the platform to another account of yours on Facebook.

*. In order to be able to purchase the currency, you must first spend an amount of at least $100. You put the amount you want in the green rectangle located farthest

Left of the platform home page. Next, you choose the currency on the right side of the same page, and the currency symbol is XRP.

*. The cost of the operation will then appear, and after that you will get the time period required to successfully complete that operation, which may range between (5-30) minutes.

*. After that, click on the (Next) button, and you will be transferred to another page on the platform, and this page contains the address of the new wallet.

*. You must make sure that the purchase is completed, and that the wallet address is placed correctly, along with some information related to the Visa or Master Card.

*. Within 30 minutes, you will find that your balance of coins, which you have purchased, has already been added to your wallet.


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