The City of Alexandria and The Most Important Hotels on The Sea and Their Prices

 The City of Alexandria and The Most Important Hotels on The Sea and Their Prices

The City of Alexandria and The Most Important Hotels on The Sea and Their Prices

The city of Alexandria is one of the famous cities in the world, and it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Cairo because it contains many archaeological sites.

Certainly, this attractive city is not devoid of giant hotels in the field of tourism, and Alexandria hotels will be known by the sea and their prices, and preference will be made among these hotels to find out the best among them.

The importance of the city of Alexandria

It is known that this city enjoys a distinct geographical location, as it is considered one of the materials that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it an important seaport for trade exchange operations between Egypt and other countries.

The city also contains one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is the Library of Alexandria, and this library is a huge scientific edifice, as this library is the largest library in the world.

This city is one of the cities that contribute significantly to the operations of local and global trade, and helps in economic prosperity through maritime trade, and thus has a great impact on the level of the economy.

Educational institutions within the city

The city includes many institutions concerned with education, including faculties of medicine and faculties of engineering, which are part of the famous University of Alexandria. It also includes many institutes such as the Institute of Technology within the city.

In addition to all this, many people are ignorant of Alexandria hotels on the sea and their very special prices, which are considered one of the most important factors that attract tourists to them as well as visitors from within the globe.

The city includes private schools for all different educational levels, from the primary stage to the secondary stage and all the way to the university level. It also includes schools based on teaching in foreign languages, whether English or French.

The prevailing weather in the city

The borders of this city are dominated by a climate similar to the hot desert climate, which is characterized by drought, and since this is a coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it is therefore greatly affected by it throughout all seasons of the year.

As for the city, the weather is characterized by its moderation in the four seasons of the year, where it is moderate in heat in summer and winter, and the winter climate within the city is characterized by intermittent rainfall.

The city may be exposed to massive floods from time to time, and the city is exposed to many severe storms, in addition to heavy rains.

Alexandria hotels on the sea and their prices

There are many luxury hotels, which are distinguished by their privileged location within this city, and the services provided by them vary according to each of them. Alexandria hotels on the sea can be listed as follows:

@. The well-known Four Seasons Hotel is considered the most important hotel in Alexandria located in the Raml Station area. It is modern and distinguished by its luxury, due to the distinctive and elegant rooms it contains. This hotel is located near Burj Al Arab Airport.

@. Cecil Hotel ranks second after the first hotel, as this hotel is also located at the Raml station, and many people flock to it due to its privileged location, due to its presence in the midst of a distinguished group of luxurious restaurants and tourist areas.

@. The Plaza Hotel is one of the most preferred hotels in Alexandria by many individuals, due to the distinguished services provided by this hotel, which help the customer to feel relaxation and peace of mind throughout their stay in the hotel.

@. Mercure Hotel is one of the best-known Alexandria hotels in the city, due to its distinguished location, as it is located near the sea and in the middle of many archaeological sites.

Places to visit

There are many amazing areas in this city that can be visited and enjoyed seeing and knowing all the details about those places, and among these places are the following:

@. Montazah Palace, where this palace is located in the east of the city of Alexandria, and it was established and considered as a palace for King Farouk, and this ancient palace includes a garden characterized by a large green area and many photo sessions can be done in it.

@. There are also unique plants and trees in this garden that are distinguished by their wonderful shapes and picturesque scenery, which helps a lot in the process of relaxation and complete rest.

@. There is also a museum of royal jewelry, and people interested in seeing jewelry, gold and silver can visit this place, and the reason for the presence of this large amount of jewelry is because this palace was owned by the royal family.

@. Anyone can buy some silver accessories that have been imitated, and these jewelry are rare and non-existent now.

After getting to know the hotels of Alexandria on the sea and their prices, and identifying the other archaeological places that can be visited, it is the turn to know the famous restaurants in the city.

Among the most important and famous of these restaurants is a Greek-style restaurant, which serves all kinds of different fish. It is also distinguished by its privileged location, as it is located directly on the sea, and is considered one of the restaurants overlooking Qaitbay Castle.

This restaurant is characterized by cooking fish using the Greek style, and the main dish consists of one large fish, according to the type preferred by the customer, with a quantity of rice, with a dish of potato slices with lemon.


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