Stroke: Symptoms, Causes and Better Treatment

Stroke Symptoms, Causes ,Treatment

About 2400 years ago, a physician named Hippocrates was working on a disease. Which till this time was called Apoplex. It was this physician whom the world later named him as the father of medicine. This Physician wanted to prove to the world that behind everything there are no perfect periods, but many diseases in the world also exist, they try to survive and a proper treatment can be discovered for them. He wanted to bring the world to out superstision for Scientific study. And this thinking of his came after a lot of art in medical science, which was a Discovery of Stroke. 2400 years ago, the world understood that any person suddenly became unconscious, then the person's body becomes paralyzed. And this condition is called apoplexy. But Hippocrates proved to the world that apoplexy does not cause paralysis. Rather, a disease called stroke, then the body gets paralyzed due to it.

Friends stroke is the name of this condition in which blood supply is not available to the brine tissue and in its result the pacific tissue of the brine gets killed. Usually in the blood breed some blood becomes clotted. Which does not allow the tissue of the brine to reach the blood.


Symptoms of Brain Stroke Friends, now let's discuss the common symptoms of brain stroke. Let me tell you a keyword that is F.A.S.T.


Stroke patient's one side face droops, which means droops Such patients are unable to smile or move their face.


The patient's arm becomes weak and he cannot raise his arm.

S =Speech

Such patients do not proper words or pronouns any sentence and such patient has a lot of problem in speaking.

 T = Time

If you see such a patient, then dial the emergency number and call an ambulance and take the patient to the hospital on time. Friends, apart from these symptoms, there are many symptoms of stroke which include headache, trouble in walking, paralysis etc. 

Stroke Causes

1. block arteries    2. Ruptured blood vessel block artery

Block arteries    

When the block artery is stroked, then this condition is called chemical stroke. In a chemical stroke, a clot is formed in the breed where blood has reached the brine. These clots are either formed due to fatty deposit or due to some other kind of damage from the reposition. Due to this clots, the blood breed becomes more narrow, or gets blocked at all. And the supply of blood to the brine tissue is cut off.

Transient ischemic stroke

This is a temporary stroke. The symptoms of which are similar to that of a Moralless chemical stroke, It does not permanently damage the tissue of the brine, but a short time stroke. If we look at the risk factor then those who develop stroke in our body, then these include obesity, physical inactivity, Heavy drinking Illegal Drugs, High Blood pressure, High cholesterol, cigarette smoking or cardiovascular diseases etc.

Those people whose age is more than 55. Chances of stroke are also more in them. Women stroke is seen more in men. Stroke in the body produces some permanent disability. In these complications, paralysis means that you lose control over the moment of your muscle. Pain, Emotion problem and difficulty in swallowing are involved etc.

If we talk about stroke, then it includes controlling blood pressure, reducing the amount of cholesterol in your diet, quitting smoking, reducing weight, doing regular excise and avoiding illegal drugs etc.

Stroke Treatment

In the treatment of stroke, many medicines are given to the patient. Which includes aspirin, antiplatelet, anti-coagulant, blood pressure medicines, stains etc. Aspirin are pine killers, which play the role of pine relief in the body. Antiplatelet and Anti-Coagulant prevents blood clotting. Blood pressure medicines are given which include alpha or beta blocker, calcium chain blocker and thiazide diuretics etc. The common focus of all those medicines is to maintain blood pressure. stains medicines reduce cholesterol level.

Stroke: In rare cases, doctors do surgery, that surgical process is called Caraniotomy. In this process the skull part is removed and then the damaged blood breed is replaced. Or the clot is removed. After performing the operation, the mon removed from the skull is put back in the skull and in this way the patient recovers. Thanks for read our post. 

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