Kidney Stone Removal Best Way Treatment

Kidney Stone Removal 

Friends, welcome to our blog WWNEED.COM, today we are going to talk about how to take out the stone in the ureter, if it is a safe way and in what way can it be removed easily. We are going to discuss all those things.

Friends, first of all, understand that whenever someone has stones or stones in the kidney, whether it is detected in X-ray, if it is detected in sonography or city-scan, then its location understands how much blockage is being done on some other side, is there a complete blockage that is happening in the urine. The way to make is open, what is the position of the second kidney, does the kidney look normal?, Whether the infection has happened now or not. What is the level of urine and what kind of changes are coming in urine after doing urine examination. If there is no problem, only mild pain. The rest of the kidney function is fine, in that case, it can be done by waiting and watching and changes can be made in the diet. So some methods can be done to remove the stone which is in the kidney. But if any kind of change has come forward, then it is very risky in that case.

Friends, first of all, let's talk about kidney stone, it is the most important drink water. Everyone needs water in a lot of amount, about 4 to 5 liters of pina que kidney stone is formed because that water was reduced in our body, so urine becomes less. This is why stone has been formed, so drink so much water that 4 to 5 liters of urine becomes at least 2.5 liters in our body. So friends, the most important thing will be to drink water. It is necessary to drink water for every type of stone formed in your body.

Friends, the second is to reduce salt in food, by eating more salt, it removes more calcium from the urine, the chances of becoming a stone increase. Friends, avoid eating such things in which there is a lot of salt, such as fast-food-samosa, Manchuria and things kept closed, because if there is more salt in it, then stone is formed from it, then it has to be avoided and drink water more.

Friends, the third thing that we have to do which is non=veg which is high protein diet, it is keto diet, such as mutton, meat, have to avoid such high protein diet. When protein increases in the body, in that case the level of uric acid increases, right then we have to avoid high protein diet also. The most common type of food in which oxalate is more He is one of the most eaters of calcium oxalate, it is in tomato, it is in spinach, it is in chocolate, it is in potato, almond, pistachio, cashew is also in it, and apart from this, green belt is in it and friends are soft-drinks. Hey, there is oxalate in that too. So I would say so much that avoid things containing oxalates.

Friends, medicine also comes, some medicine is the way, which comes out of the ureter, they say medicine to dialyte, its name is alpha-1 energy receptor blocker and the other is calcium channel blocker, alpha-1 energy receptor blocker, jessie tamsulosin, alphazosin. You can see the take or you can see the calcium channel blocker take. In some cases, if there is an infection, then medicine is also given, the path gets widened and the stone is there out drinking water. If there is a stone with uric acid, then allopurinal can claim that they can take it. In some cases, such a medicine is given to the patient so that more urine comes, it is called doctor diuretics, these are some methods which are medical management, which can be seen by doing one thing, one thing is to be always wise. Such stones whose size is less than 7 mm, there is a chance that they can be removed through urine. less than 7 mm.

If friends such a stone which is more than 1 mm and is a very hard stone which is not going to dissolve, in that case there is very less chance that it will come out through urine. So in that case the operation has to be done. Sometimes it happens that the stone is not in the way, it can be lying on one side of the kidney, it can remain lying in that case, it does not cause much damage. But if he is on the way in the urethane, then he will hurt and will infect again and again. Changes inside the kidney can be hardonna folliculitis. Renal febrile may be possible, in that case then we can see after doing all such things for a month, two month, the rest of the home remedies can be done, you know, you can try it, you can try homeopathic medicine and see.

Friends, whenever you do all this medical management, always keep one thing in mind that your kidney function should be fine, urine should be fine, kidney disease should be fine, kidney should not be affected, there should be no infection, there should be no frequent infection, because if it happens then If the kidney gets damaged then the second time other not get best.

Friends, if you do not want to take out the kidney stone, then you have to take care of the things mentioned above and if you want the most water, then the kidney stone should be out through urine. Thanks guys for reading till the last.        

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