Awake Brain Surgery: Patient Tumors Surgery


Hello friends welcome to our blog today we are going to talk about awake brain surgery. Even in the operation of brain tumor, a special one, which we call awake brain surgery, means to do human brain operation while you are awake. So friends, today we will know about it in detail.

Awake Brain Surgery

Friends awake brain tumor surgery means the surgery that can be done by keeping any person in full senses. This surgery known as well as called awake craniotomy. 

Awake Brain Surgery Process

I want to tell friends that the brain tumors that occur can be anywhere in the brain, they can be all right side, left side can be any side. When do we do brain surgery or awake surgery while awake? Tumor is such a place on the left side like our speech area. Friends, on the left side there is a center of hearing or understanding if the tumor is coming from here. or its around, then what is in it when doctor do the operation, the tumor will come out so the risk of sound is 100% because this tumor has developed under that area, so in this Patient do the operation while living in the senses.

In such an operation, doctors give reading books to patients and if patients do brain tumor operation, then patients do not know while doing the readings and if the doctor performs the operation after keeping the patient awake, then we call it awake brain surgery. After that, the doctor does the MRI of the patient for a short time and sees that in the operation done, the patient is not getting tumors again, 99.99% of the tumors are removed, but the doctor also takes the patient's report at the time. In this surgery the patient gets cured.

Friends, in this way the world is very less center and less place and very few operations have been done so far, so that the patient is not unconscious if the operation is done while awake. Only where the operation is to be performed, that place is listened to. And the most important thing in it is that the tumor should be located only where the center of speech is located and the other patient should be understanding. So that he does not hit his hand during the operation, does not shake his head. doctor does the operation through binoculars or microscope. So if there is a slightest moment in it, if you shake the head, then there will be a problem.

Friends, it is very important for the patient to be a Brine Co-operative. So the doctor first prepares the patient in such a way that he performs the operation without making the patient unconscious, then the doctor says that if we do the operation without sedation, then you will be able to fully co-operate with us till we do the operation. When the patient is ready, then a book is given to the patient, it contains all the words that the doctor is given to read that book in this way awake surgery. This book is read by the patient at time the doctor does the operation.

Friends, the patient's support is very important in this awake surgery. Only very experienced doctors can do this operation. And such awake surgery is very rare.

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